Firewood Access managed by City Lions - supporting local projects

Map for 3 April
Open Saturday 7.30-12.30

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We, as with all Lions Clubs in the world, return 100% of all net money collected back to our community. 
Our club administration expenses come from club member subscriptions - not from you. 
All our projects that raise money are for the Tokoroa community and has been used in the past for local sports people, the Hamilton Lions Cancer Lodge, Ronald McDonald Retreat, Local Hospice, Local Schools, YMCA summer camp, Riding for the Disabled, Blind Foundation, the Health Shuttles, LCIF and so on. 
We will send you a list at the end of each Lions year; the money is well used. We are a registered charity - registration number CC 28627 - our accounts are visible there.


City Lions Supervise Forest Access
Lights ON! Keep Left! Give Way to trucks
Please read the conditions below

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Bring Cars, Trailers and Utes but NO TRUCKS

You must CHECK IN and CHECK OUT with the Lions custodian by the same route and be out by 12.30pm.
For Chainsaw use Personal Protective Equipment is REQUIRED 
(Eye Protection, Chaps, Ear plugs or muffs, Hardhat & Safety Boots - PLUS chainsaw mitt or safety gloves. Please wear Hi-Vis)
CHAINSAW USERS must be over 18 years and NO CHILDREN may be within 4 metres of you while you use a chainsaw or axe
Please, when in the forest, do not smoke, start open fires, or leave or bring any rubbish.
You must cut only within the allowed area - e.g. you may not enter the forest to cut windfalls
During the cutting season the sites will vary and current maps will be posted on the Lions website ( - click "news"), City Lions Facebook and in various locations in Tokoroa (Post box area, Post Shop, Trees Tavern, laundromats, Tokoroa Club, Cossie Club, Stihl Shop).


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